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Gutter Cleaning Services in Hampshire

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Cleaning gutters across Hampshire

It is often a case of out of sight out of mind when it comes to looking after your guttering. It is important however, to keep your gutters clean and free from debris as failure to do so could result in costly repairs. We offer a gutter and pipe cleaning service across Hampshire:

Gutter cleaning and repairs

Your gutters act as external plumbing to your home, but often get overlooked as they are difficult to reach and see. In England, we are renowned for our unpredictable weather. Heavy rainfall and blustery winds combined with leaves falling from nearby trees, often results in your gutters getting clogged. But prevention is key, and with good gutter maintenance, regular cleaning and checks then you can easily avoid them becoming blocked and broken.

The guttering and downpipes around your roof are there to ensure that any water is swept away before it can hit your brickwork. If the excess rainwater in your gutter has nowhere to go, it will overflow, seeping into your walls causing damp, mould and weakening your brickwork.

At KJC Drainage we offer a full gutter clearing, cleaning and repair service for both commercial and residential properties. Using the latest equipment, we can free your guttering from sticks, leaves and sodden debris in a safe and secure manner, no matter how high your drainage may be. We also have tools which allow us to survey your gutters and pipes, looking out for any potential problems and structural concerns.

Call a professional gutter cleaning company

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Why your gutters may need clearing

Sparkling gutters that are free of rotting debris will not only improve the aesthetics of your property, but its value too. Clogged up gutters increase the risk of damage to your home and cost far more to fix than a good spring clean. It is important to check whether your gutter needs clearing for the following reasons:
  • Water damage – If your gutter is blocked then your excess water will have nowhere to run and will look for other places to drain instead. This could be under your eaves or down your exterior walls causing damp or worse still, structural damage.
  • Broken gutters – whilst your gutters are made from sturdy materials, they are only held up by screws and brackets which are not designed to carry large amounts of weight. Soaked debris and additional backed-up water put extra pressure on these fixtures, causing them to bend and break.
  • Animal homes – whilst we don’t like our gutters to be clogged, many critters and creatures do. Leaves, moss and twigs provide the prefect home for birds, insects, rats and mice who cause further damage and make cleaning a challenge.
  • Downward damage – the constant splattering of water from a large height onto bricks, paving and soil, can create damage and erosion to the landscape below.

How to tell if your gutters are blocked

It is important that you look out for the tell-tale signs that your gutters may be blocked. If possible, try and view your gutters from the highest point of your house such as an upstairs window. Here are our top tips.
  • Can you see any obvious obstructions? Leaves spilling over, vegetation growing inside or moss sticking to the sides of the gutter?
  • Does your gutter look in good condition or is it misshapen, cracked, twisted or bent in places it shouldn’t?
  • Are there obvious signs of a leak? Can you see watermarks down the side of the property or hear splashbacks or waterfall sounds when it rains?
  • Is your wall green, discoloured or mouldy?
  • Are there any cracks in the brickwork surrounding the gutter?
  • Are your wooden fascia’s in good condition or showing signs of damp and rot?
  • Have you heard scraping or seen animals and birds in or around the gutter?
If any of the above apply to you, then chances are you have a blocked-up gutter that needs clearing. Ongoing water damage to your home, caused by blocked or broken gutters can be expensive to fix if not remedied immediately.

How KJC Drainage clean gutters in Hampshire

At KJC Drainage we use powerful cleaners to suck up dirt, grit and grime from your gutters, with minimal mess and fuss. Plus, there is no need for expensive scaffolding or ladders as with our high-tech equipment we can stretch to access hard to reach places. We can even survey and report problems from dizzying heights, to reduce any repair work that may be required in the future.

Offering a wealth of knowledge and know-how, gained from our 21 years of experience in the industry, our friendly team of experts and engineers are always on hand to offer you advice and support.

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